Fine Braids and Twines
Since the early 1800's, Gladding has braided some of the world's finest fishing lines. Today's ever-changing marketplace and advanced scientific achievements in raw materials have allowed us to continually expand our product and customer base. Using Spectra®, Kevlar®, nylon, and polyester—in filaments as fine as human hair—we now serve the needs of the medical, automotive, aeronautics, electronics, and commercial fishing and netting markets. Our finely braided products may never carry the household name recognition once enjoyed by Gladding fishing line; however, the diversity of our customers, the precise nature of their requirements, and the potential for future growth provide our company with enormous, though relatively anonymous, opportunities. MATERIALS: SPECTRA®, KEVLAR®, NYLON, DACRON, NOMEX®. SIZES: .010"-.135" TENSILES: 50-750 LBS.