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Fiber Cordage and Ropes

With a 100,000 square foot production factory and over 2,000 braiding machines, it is safe to say, if it is braided, Gladding Braided Products can design, engineer, and manufacture the product.
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Wire Braids

Send us your cable, hose, or tube and we will shield it with braid with wire or fiber, quick turn-around.
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Lacing Tapes

Aramid, Nylon, Polyester and other materials.
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Bobbin Winding Services

If you need material supplied to you on a braider bobbin or tube, we can help.
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Military Specifications

When its comes to supplying the Department of Defense and USA Navy, Gladding is the largest supplier of braided cordage to both.
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Unique Requirement?

With 200 years of experience, Gladding will either make the braid, or build a machine for you to manufacture it yourself.
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Fine Threads

Expandable Braided Sleeving

Gladding’s large 96 and 72 carrier machines allow for flame retardant PET expandable sleeving opportunities from 1” to 3” diameters.
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Braiding Equipment Sales

Gladding’s mechanics make custom new braiding machines (Harness), and also have trade-in and used equipment alternatives for tighter budgets.
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High Performance Fiber

With inventive raw material fiber supply partners, Gladding’s braid is replacing steel wire in many applications.
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High Temperature Solutions

Gladding solves high temp environments with the use of Fiberglass (S & E) for 1000+ F, and Ceramic for 2,200+ degrees F, along with Nomex and other Aramids.
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Over-Braid/Harness Braids

Ranging from simple to very complex branched harnesses, Gladding’s machinery and personnel can help.
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We work with our clients to deliver their custom orders, including product prototypes, promptly and accurately.

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Wire Bobbin Winding Service available.

Gladding will supply anywhere, bobbins of wire sizes of 30, 32, 34, and 36 gauge wire.



History Channel’s
Modern Marvels

Gladding Braided Products was featured on The History Channel’s Modern Marvels.

Full video and selected clips available.