Military Specifications

Military Braided Products

Gladding is an approved vendor of the United States Departmentof Defense, passing all of the government’s quality control, first-article inspection requirements. Gladding earned its reputation for quality cordage among Yankee clipper ship sailors who insisted on the most dependable and durable cordage as they sailed to all parts of the world.  During World War II, the U.S. and Allied governments called upon Gladding’s expertise for the manufacture of parachute cords, tow lines, bomb lanyards, shroud lines, survival kit items, and cordage for many other special needs.

Our certified and calibrated laboratory’s policy is one of continuous product improvement and development. Constant monitoring and testing of incoming raw materials, in-process manufacturinginspections, and final product specification testing assurethat all components meet and often surpass government standards.  Our work with the military continually serves to reemphasize, for all our workers, the significance of quality. We believe that the stringent standards required by the government serve to uphold a high level of quality throughout our manufacturing process.

MIL-SPECS: See list below for our most common military specifications.


Item # Description
A-A-52056 Linen Braid
A-A-52080 Lacing Tape: Nylon flat Braid
A-A-52081 Lacing Tape, Polyester Flat braid
A-A-52082 Lacing Tape, Teflon Flat Braid
A-A-52083 Lacing Tape, Fiberglass Flat Braid
A-A-52084 Lacing Tape, Aramid Flat Braid
AA55622 Cotton Sash Cord, general purpose
A-A-59569 Wire Braid
MIL-C-17183 Nylon Tubular Braid
MIL-C-2522 Linen Cord
MIL-C-43256 Polyester Solid Braid
MIL-C-43303 Cotton elasatic Cord
MIL-C-43307 Nylon solid Braid
MIL-C-43678 Polyester Diamond Braid
MIL-C-43701 Shock cord, Nylon or Polyester
MIL-C-5040 Nylon Paracord
MIL-C-5651 Cotton Shock cord, multi layer
MIL-C-7515 Nylon coreless Cord
MIL-C-81104 High Temperature Polyamide Textiles
MIL-C-83242 Polyamide non Melting
MIL-C-87129 Aramid Braided cord
MIL-DTL-24050 Nylon double Braided Ropes
MIL-DTL-24677 Polyester Double Braided ropes
MIL-H-226 Halyards
MIL-L-18925 Shot Line; US Navy
MIL-R-24536 Polyester Double Braid
MIL-T-43435 Lacing Tape Flat Braid
MIL-T-713 Fibrous Twine, Lacing and Tying
MIL-Y-1140 Fiberglass yarn and cord
T-C-571F Cotton Sash Cord

Utility Double Braid Utility

Double Braid Double Braided Rope constructed of an inner core of high strength, low stretch HMPE fibers with Polyester outer sleeving.  Material may be supplied coated or un-coated.

Diameter Tensile Strength Wt. Lbs/100 ft
3/16″ 2250 1.0
1/4″ 4000 2.2
5/16″ 7000 2.9
3/8″ 8600 3.8
7/16″ 13000 5.4
1/2″ 19000 7.3
9/16″ 24500 8.6
5/8″ 29000 12.4
3/4″ 34500 15.0
13/16″ 40000 17.3
7/8″ 50000 23.2
1″ 60000 28.2


Specification, Cord Fibrous Nylon

Type (Roman Numeral) Type (Dash Number) Tensile Strength (lbs)
I -1 95
I-A -2 100
II -3 400
II-A -4 225
III -5 550
IV -6 750

Common Colors: Natural, Camouflage Green #483, Red


Specification, Nylon

Size Width In Inches Thicknes In Inches Breaking Strength
Min Max Min Max (lbs)
1 0.180 0.220 0.013 0.019 135
2 0.099 0.121 0.012 0.018 80
3 0.077 0.094 0.011 0.017 50
4 0.054 0.066 0.009 0.015 25
5 0.045 0.055 0.006 0.014 15

Common Colors: Black or White

A Natural (no finish)
B Waxed
C Elastomer (rubber like)
E Vinyl Chloride
G Liquid Nylon

Gladding “Accordian Expand” braided ® PET Flame Retardant

Expandable braided polyester that offers a high expansion ratio, excellent mechanical abrasion resistance, and flame retardancy.
Operating temperature -70 C to 125 C
Cut and abrasion resistant
Resists gasoline and all other common automotive fluids

Sizes Available

Nominal I.D. Maximum Expansion Wall Thickness Yield (ft/lbs)
Imperial Metric
1/8″ 3mm 8mm .025″ 582
1/4″ 6mm 10mm .025″ 261
3/8″ 10mm 17mm .025″ 174
1/2″ 13mm 24mm .025″ 150
3/4″ 19mm 36mm .025″ 87
1″ 25mm 46mm .025″ 80
1-1/4″ 32mm 52mm .025″ 63
1-1/2″ 38mm 64mm .025″ 48
2″ 51mm 70mm .025″ 40
2-1/2″ 64mm 88mm .025″ 27
3″ 75mm 108mm .025″ 28

Cut pieces are available upon request.
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