Accessory Cord

325-2 Paraline

Gladding became an important military cord supplier during World War II. The product known today as Paraline evolved from Gladding’s partnership with the U.S. Defense Department and their stringent standards for parachute cord. Today Gladding manufactures Paraline with a 100% synthetic outer sleeving which covers several parallel layered core yarns. The resulting cord has a soft hand and feel, while maintaining extraordinarily high tensile strength. Made in dozens of colors and custom patterns, Paraline is also available in packaged 50′ and 100′ coils and longer-length spools. The strength and durability of this finely-braided, flexible cord continually makes Paraline one of our top sellers. Besides the common #550 paracord, Gladding offers this alternative #325 cord by using the same amount of sleeve yarn for strength, doubling up the yarns on half the spindles, and adding fewer interior cores resulting in a slightly smaller diameter of 1/8” while still maintaining a strength above 325 pounds.
SIZES: 1/8” – 5/32″. TENSILES: 325 lbs. +.

95 Cord

For even finer uses, Gladding moves the Paraline family of products to even a smaller machine in the factory, then reduces the synthetic Sleeve yarns by 50% , and removes a few core yarns to achieve a smaller 1/16” diameter cord that tests 95 pounds plus. The #95 cord is common on venetian blinds, making all three cords in the Paraline family (the #550, #325, and #95) able to be purchased in similar bright colorfast shades – or a mix of colors or patterns.
SIZES: 1/16”  TENSILES: 95 lbs. +.