Expanded Braided Sleeving

Gladding’s EXPANDO PET (FR) is used in electronics, automotive, and military wire harness applications and is excellent for mechanical abrasion resistance and flame retardancy.

The unique braided construction (some on huge 96 carrier braiders) features a high expanding ratio which allows for a quick and easy installation over large connectors and long runs.
Keep in mind, if you want your own cable shielded, Gladding will braid EXPANDO PET  (FR) directly over your cable at Gladding’s plant.

Available in black, and braided from 10 mil polyethylene terephthalate (PET) monofilament yarns, the material has a wide operating temperature range from -70 degrees to 125 degrees C.
EXPANDO resists cuts and abrasion, and also resists gasoline and other common automotive fluids, yet easy to work with (the sleeving cuts easily and terminates nicely using a hot knife). The  PET raw material creates a light-weight braid that expands easily and slides over varying diameter wires at roughly 50% of  the weight of traditional stainless steel or copper shielding.

Call for pricing on the many sizes listed in the grid below.

Gladding Expando PET Braid
Flame Retardant
Expansion Range
Average Diameter Gladding Part Number Minimum in inches Maximum in inches Yield Ppunds per thousand feet
1/8″ GBP-PET-4 0.09 0.25 2
1/4″ GBP-PET-8 0.13 0.44 3
5/16″ GBP-PET-10 0.16 0.48 4.5
3/8″ GBP-PET-12 0.19 0.5 5.7
1/2″ GBP-PET-16 0.25 0.75 7.7
5/8″ GBP-PET-20 0.38 1 9.5
3/4″ GBP-PET-24 0.5 1.25 12
1″ GBP-PET-32 0.63 1.63 13.5
1.25″ GBP-PET-40 0.75 1.75 16
1.5″ GBP-PET-48 1 2.13 20
1.75″ GBP-PET-56 1.25 2.75 24.5
2″ GBP-PET-64 1.5 3 26

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