High Performance Fiber

With a wide array of inventoried specialty high performance fibers, Gladding can solve even the toughest challenges:

Kevlar®: Where additional strength is critical, while also maintaining light weight is important, DuPont’s Kevlar offers many advantages. Extremely cut and flame resistant, Kevlar is often used for Emergency Parachute and flare chute lines where flames can come in contact with the fiber.

Nomex® (also by DuPont), is specifically designed to retard flames and heat, but offers other advantages as well. Working with NASA and other agencies, the development of this fiber allows astronaut space suits and fire/safety rescue apparel to protect some of our most critical personnel from flames and heat, and is also now used in race car protective outfits. Harness braiding; we often supply Nomex on bobbins for delivery to other people assembling wire harnesses.

Dyneema® and Spectra®: these HMPE fibers are replacing steel cable in many applications, and often found in larger ropes that demand extremely low stretch and being lightweight (sometimes even needing to float). Commonly adapted with coatings for even greater strength and durability, these fibers are used where extreme strength and lighter weight are both needed. These fibers were designed to mimic a spider’s web and act as strength members, but are also available in small deniers that can be used in fishing lines and rip cords.

Teflon® (a PTFE fiber) and Teflon® coatings are uniquely resistant to chemical environments and perform well at even extremely low temperatures. Non-flammable, and under heat Teflon is unique and will not melt or liquefy.

Fiberglass (S and E Glass): uniquely able to braid this delicate fiber, Gladding can mix the two glasses for the ultimate insulation on conductor wire.

Ceramic Fibers: Need super insulation to up to 2,200 degrees F, this delicate ceramic fiber is also available. Gritty and tough on the equipment, our mechanical staff has found ways to wind and braid this material in a unique and protected section of the factory.

Don’t stop there: new fiber continue to evolve, and new coatings added to improve them even more. Other fibers such as Technora®, Twaron®, Zylon®, Vectran® (just to name a few) have other advantages and Gladding can help with those as well.

If a high-performance fiber is what you seek- give Gladding a call, send a sample to us, and we can evaluate, and even reverse engineer to return a sample prototype for your inspection.