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Since 1918

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we have focused on only one thing…

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braided products!


From the majestic Yankee Clipper ships of the 1800’s to the first manned Apollo space flight, Gladding Braided Products has been asked to supply this country with the best in braided materials.  We have grown—will continue to grow—in ways our founder, B.F. Gladding, couldn’t possibly have imagined in 1816 when he bought his first house-powered braider.  Yet Gladding has maintained B. F.’s original commitment to excellence without losing sight of what we do best.  We are a braid manufacturer; that’s what our people know; that’s what our 200+ braiders know how to do best.  Since 1816 we’ve been focused on one thing—Braided Products.

Featured Products

[stack_cards layout=”image-link” icon=”” image=”2769″ intro=”Winding/Raw Materials” button_url=”/windings”][/stack_cards]

[stack_cards layout=”image-link” icon=”” image=”2784″ intro=”Custom Overbraid Shielding”][/stack_cards]

[stack_cards layout=”image-link” icon=”” image=”2777″ intro=”Engineered Braids”][/stack_cards]

[stack_cards layout=”image-link” icon=”” image=”2655″ intro=”Textile Synthetic”][/stack_cards]

[stack_cards layout=”image-link” icon=”” image=”2775″ intro=”Mill Spec Braids”][/stack_cards]

[stack_cards layout=”image-link” icon=”” image=”2688″ intro=”Braiding Machine Training”][/stack_cards]

[stack_cards layout=”image-link” icon=”” image=”2695″ intro=”Coating”][/stack_cards]

[stack_cards layout=”image-link” icon=”” image=”2772″ intro=”Expanded Braided Sleeving”][/stack_cards]

[stack_cards layout=”image-link” icon=”” image=”2646″ intro=”Duruvet Cord”][/stack_cards]

[stack_cards layout=”image-link” icon=”” image=”2745″ intro=”High Performance Fiber”][/stack_cards]

[stack_cards layout=”image-link” icon=”” image=”2706″ intro=”Ceramic”][/stack_cards]

[stack_cards layout=”image-link” icon=”” image=”2752″ intro=”Braiding Wire”][/stack_cards]